Heya molds
Injection Mould Manufacturer

Heya's core business focuses on manufacturing plastic moulds with more than 10 year’s experiences. Such as household moulds, kitchenware injection molds, home appliance mould tools, industry and agriculture injection molds,etc.

With our capability and expertise, efficiently executing personalized customization and one-stop mold solutions to meet customer needs is Heya Mold's goal.To this end, Heya Mold insists on manufacturing high-quality and standard plastic molds, offering more suitable and stable plastic mold structures which is easier to operate and maintain for clients.

about us

Heya Mould has grown into an excellent mould manufacturer with a strong engineering team. Engineering work includes not only mold design, but also mold feasibility, mold flow, product design expertise and prototyping services. These allow more efficient mould strategies to be developed for our customers, ensuring the success of each project.

1) Product&Mould Design
Heya Mold will develop and design products&moulds as per clients' requirements with our experienced R&D team. It will help our customer who is in new product development, and save cost of new projects. For more details, please contact our sales dept at anytime.

2) Mold-flow analysis
Heya Mold will make mold-flow analysis as per customer's requests, avoid any further problems of mould production.

3) Mould processing
Heya Mold will update to clients the plastic mould tools progressing reports per week usually. For specific situation, we will contact you immediately.


With more than 10 years of manufacturing experience, advanced equipment and experienced technicians, we can provide customers with one-stop mold solutions.


20 staffs

13,000+ square meters area

50+ CNC machines and equipment


Focus on customer needs and our main markets are Europe, the United States, Southeast Heya, South Korea, Japan, etc.


Heya has 50 sets of CNC processing equipment, and more than 10 sets of hardness testing, flaw detectors, CMM machine and other equipment.


Apartment An individual multi-unit building. Elegant Coral Gables setting.

  • house is a single-unit residential building.
  • This House provides opening.
  • Location of resources will draw attention.