Spoon/Fork/knife Mould

Spoon/Fork/knife Mould

Spoon/fork/knife molds can be divided into different categories according to their materials, shapes, patterns, usage:

According to different product materials, it can be divided into PP spoon mold, PS spoon mold, PP fork mold, PS fork mould, PP knife mould, PS knife molds, PLA spoon molds, PLA fork mould, PLA knife mold, etc.;

According to different product shapes, it can be divided into Elbow spoon mold, Elbow fork mold, Elbow knife mould, etc.;

According to different product patterns, it can be divided into Glossy spoon mold, Glossy fork mouldGlossy knife moldFrosted spoon moldFrosted fork mould, Frosted knife molds, etc.;

According to different usage, it can be divided into Disposable spoon mold, Disposable knife mold, Disposable fork mold, Fruit fork mouldCake knife mould, Cake fork can mould, etc.

Heya Mold focuses on the manufacture and development of spoon/fork/knife molds, and pays attention to the selection and location of spoon/fork/knife mold steel, cooling system, parting line, wall thickness, venting, etc. welcome to contact us for more detail.