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Turnover Box Mold manufacturers & suppliers

1、Types of Turnover Boxes

The turnover box is mainly used to transport various products, so it is also called the logistics box.

According to the different products transported, there are mainly the following types of crates: fruit crate, fish crate, industrial product crate, bottle crate, bread crate, etc.

For the design of turnover boxes for different purposes, we need to consider details such as shape design, superposition effect, load-bearing strength, and production cost.

The following are some of the turnover boxes we have made, which can be used as a reference.

2、Turnover Box Mold Design Details

1)Design of Cooling Water Circuit


The cooling of the turnover box mold is very important. Reasonable cooling system can reduce the deformation of the product and shorten the injection molding cycle.

The size of the diameter of the waterway and the uniform distance of the arrangement need to be precise.

If the diameter of the water channel is too small and the cooling is not timely, the mold temperature will be so high that the product will be deformed, thereby increasing the production cycle and reducing the production efficiency.

2)Slide Core Pulling and Ejection System for Turnover Box Mould

    Ⅰ Slide Core Pulling

    The structure of the turnover box mold is mostly fixed mold four-slide core pulling. This design can make the surrounding of the turnover box smoothly drawn without scratching the surface of the product, and can also control the size of the mold, thereby reducing the cost of the mold.

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