• Date:2022-12-6
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What Are The Effects Of Improper Heat Treatment On Plastic Molds?

Due to the impact of the working environment of plastic molds, the requirements for plastic mold materials are extremely strict, and sufficient strength, toughness and bite performance are required. The material to achieve such performance requirements is closely related to the heat treatment process of plastic molds. So if the heat treatment is improper, what impact will it have on the plastic mold?

1. Affect the manufacturing precision of plastic molds: incompleteness and excessive residual stress caused by heat treatment will cause the mold to deform during the processing, assembly and use of the mold after heat treatment, thereby reducing the accuracy of plastic molds.

2. Impact on the strength of plastic molds: Improper heat treatment processing, irregular heat treatment operations, or incomplete state of heat treatment equipment will cause the strength (hardness) of the material being processed to fall short of expected requirements.

3. Affects the service life of plastic molds: The irrational structure and excessive grain size caused by heat treatment cause the toughness, cold and hot fatigue performance, and abrasion resistance of the molds to decrease, which affects the service life of plastic molds.

Affecting the manufacturing cost of plastic molds: As an important part of the mold manufacturing process, cracks, deformation distortion and performance degradation caused by heat treatment will cause immeasurable damage or even scrap of plastic molds, even after repairing. Can continue to use, it will also increase man-hours, extend delivery time, and increase the manufacturing cost of plastic molds.

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