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Application Of Injection Molding In The Automotive Industry

When mass-producing high-quality and consistent products, injection molding is the most feasible solution. In the automotive industry, consistency, safety, and quality are the most important. Therefore, in the automotive field, injection molding is one of the main methods for molding plastic parts. So where does it apply?

Hood parts

Over the past two decades, many hood components that were once made of metal have been transformed into plastic products. For these applications, common plastic materials are ABS, nylon and PET. Compared with metal parts, plastic parts have lower cost and weight.

Exterior car parts

Injection molding is an established process for many external automotive components, including fenders, grilles, bumpers, door panels, floor railings, lightweight shells, and more. Splash protectors are a good example to prove the durability of injection molded parts. These parts, which protect cars from road debris and minimize splashes, are often made of rubber or other durable materials.

Interior car parts

Many automotive interior parts are also produced by injection molding. They include instrument components, interior surfaces, dashboard panels, door handles, glove compartments, air vents, and more. Decorative plastic elements can also be produced by injection molding.

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