What Is Mold Base?

What is mold base?

A complete set of molds for the production of specific powder products by pressing or recompressing.

In addition, the support of the mold is also called the mold base. For example, the die-casting machine combines and fixes the various parts of the mold according to a certain regularity and position, and the part that can be mounted on the die-casting machine is called the mold base, and the pushing mechanism, the guiding mechanism, and the pre-prevention The reset mechanism is composed of a die pad and a seat plate.

At present, the application of mold involves every product (such as automobile, aerospace, daily necessities, electrical communication, medical equipment, etc.). As long as it is a large number of products, mold production will be applied, and the mold base is an inseparable part of the mold. At present, the accuracy requirements for mold bases will be determined according to product requirements according to different levels.

The mold base is a semi-finished product of the mold, which is composed of various steel plate fitting parts, and can be said to be the skeleton of the whole mold. Due to the large differences in the processing involved in mold bases and molds, mold manufacturers will choose to order mold bases from mold frame manufacturers, taking advantage of the production advantages of both parties to improve overall production quality and efficiency.

After years of development, the formwork production industry has matured. In addition to custom mold bases, mold manufacturers can also choose standardized mold base products. The standard formwork is available in a variety of styles, and the delivery time is short, even ready to use, providing mold manufacturers with greater flexibility. Therefore, the popularity of standard formwork is increasing.

Briefly, the formwork has a preforming device, a positioning device, and an ejection device. Generally configured as panel, A board (front model), B board (rear model), C board (square iron), bottom plate, thimble panel, thimble bottom plate, and guide post, return pin and other spare parts.

 What Is Mold Base

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