How To Avoid Pollution Problems In Injection Molding

Contamination during injection molding can cause discoloration, streaks, delamination, and other types of defects in injection molded products. Therefore, in order to mold product quality, pollution is a problem that must be solved. So how to eliminate the pollution problem?

Precision mold

Start with material storage. If the plastic material is placed in an unfinished container, it is almost certain that the material will be contaminated. Every injection mold factory has a lot of dust, dirt, cardboard, wood, metal, grease and other potential contaminants. If the material is not stored properly, it can cause contamination.

Avoid mixtures. Not only will putting the wrong materials together cause contamination, but some–such as polyvinyl chloride and acetals–are also dangerous when mixed.

If it is confirmed that the material is not contaminated, then the possibility of contamination can be analyzed from the aspects of process settings, injection molds and injection machines.

Post time: Apr-07-2021