High-efficiency injection mold-laminated mold

The injection mold cavities are distributed in 2 or more levels, in an overlapping arrangement, which is equivalent to stacking multiple pairs of injection molds together. The high-efficiency laminated mold can be used in one injection machine and one operator without increasing In the case of clamping force, the output is doubled according to the number of layers, which greatly improves the production efficiency and the utilization rate of the equipment, and saves the production cost and human resources.

Key points of high-efficiency laminated mold design

1) After the injection mold is opened, the main nozzle cannot be separated from the guide sleeve. Pay attention to whether the length of the main nozzle and the mold opening stroke are reasonable;

2) Check requirements for the large opening stroke and plasticizing amount of the injection molding machine Z;

3) The pre-plasticizing efficiency of the injection device should be high;

4) Increase the injection rate appropriately;

5) Pressure release of the hot runner melt;

6) Deal with the relationship between cavity layout and main irrigation nozzle.

Plastic mold products processing

Post time: Nov-30-2021